Unravelling the Collections & Recoveries Conundrum

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  1. With a process that is ripe with inefficiencies and is costly and time-consuming both for creditor and debtor, it is right for new systems to come in and improve what is there currently.  

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collections and recoveries

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At DirectID we became aware of the problems within the current setup when we spoke to some of the leading companies in the field, including financial service firms. They described some of the many challenges that are currently faced within the space. 

Working on a process that is slow so and cumbersome has direct impact on the size of their bad debt book, the cost involved with calling in this debt, and the resultant affect it can have with regulators are all of great importance.


Some of DirectID Collections & Recoveries' key features:

  • Savings in time and resource

  • Uses the Standard Financial Statement

  • Disposable income is calculated

  • Full understanding of the customer

  • Accurate customer data

  • Smoother customer journey