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OB Accelerator LockUp

At DirectID, we understand that Open Banking data has the capacity to change the world, for everyone.  

Consumers gain access to new services and products that can help them save time and money. Banks and financial services companies are using Open Banking data to cut operational costs and offer consumers frictionless onboarding. 

We’re also aware FinTech companies require use of Open Banking data to begin innovating, building, and testing new products. That’s why we’ve designed a new Open Banking Accelerator, just for you.

So how will you use Open Banking data? 

DirectID's end-to-end bank data solutions give you everything you need to access, understand, and start using Open Banking data. Apply to our accelerator for your chance to access one of limited startup packages.

What will you get in the DirectID Open Banking Accelerator package:

  • Access to our Open Banking data suite
  • A special Accelerator package cost enabling your business to setup, build, learn and grow
  • Training and mentorship from our CEO, James Varga, with his wealth of experience in the Open Banking and FinTech space
  • Support and publicity from the DirectID team as your FinTech builds the future of finance

Our team is waiting, so fill out the form to apply today.