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  1. With over 13,000 bank connections available globally, you can get the coverage you need at home and abroad. We’ve been integrating with Open Banking in the UK since day one, with an extensive coverage including the UK CMA9 and top challenger banks. Our products have also been serving North America customers for over 8 years and we offer extensive coverage into other countries around the world.


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Connect to your customer’s data with zero integration and instant insights, allowing you to focus on understanding your customers, instead of building new products or understanding data sets and complex APIs. Our end-to-end data and insights suite connects to consumers, effortlessly gathers data, automatically categorises transactions, presents APIs and provides insights on consumer financial behaviours - all in seconds.

Go Beyond Data

We help our customers understand their customers through the use of bank data. Download our DirectID Product Suite PDF to find out how you can start leveraging bank data today.